Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So the other day Mom and I are reading Natural Dog and Dog Fancy and there's an entire article on Fish...not just for cats anymore.

Well Holy Dog ! Mom's been insinuating I must be half cat for years because I Love Tuna and Salmon and those smelly Fish Oil pills she gives me when they take their "Human" Vitamins!

So hey Mom...who's the cat now...I mean it is out of the bag!
Salmon Real Food Toppers

The Omega 3's in fish oil are good for my skin, heart, joints, mood, my breath...not so much, guess I'll have to chomp down a Terrabone Fresh Breath Dental Chew...life's rough!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I Watch My Weight

Ever Seen A treadmill?

Mom and Dad went shopping the other day and let me at home, well when they got back I raced to the door to root and rustle through the bags...BUT instead they carried in this big weird looking machine that makes a funny noise AND Mom was standing on it, her feet were moving but she stayed in one place..now what the heck kind of walk is that??
I tried barking and jumping at it but it just sat there??
So I laid down on the couch and watched.
BOL, Barks and Woofs!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hemp is a Happy Thing!
No prescription needed for canines

Being the chief taste tester here at www.alldogsbigandsmall.com ,
I just had to try it!

NUHemp 2-Chomp Munchies mmm, yummy yummy and Mom sez they're Holistic and that Hemp is touted in Natural Dog and Your Dog Magazines.

I tried the peanut butter smoothie and can't wait to try the rest!!

They also come in sauces to put right on my food!

Barin Out,