Friday, May 28, 2010

Dogs Bark The Nicest Things!

Dear Tay

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! Here's a picture of me all fluffy after my bath. You are a very good taste tester too! I LOVE THESE TREATS! How special you surprized me with your favorite Wagatha's too! I see why you wanted them for your birthday. Please put my fluffy after bath picture I have attached on your website. Thank you. Mommy said she is ordering again soon. Your organics are the best, plus you are charging mommy less than at bothell feed where we get our organics.

Love Henry

Friday, May 14, 2010

Understanding Your Dog's Verbal Cues and Body Language

Really Mom All You Had to Do Was Ask!

Understanding Your Dog's Verbal Cues and Body Language

Natural treats, A warm bath with one of those yummy scented all natural shampoos and a juicy steak topped off with Nu-Hemp and I’m a happy dog!

Friday, May 7, 2010

We're Going To The Humans!

This is what I'm Barkin' About!
Remember my former growls about my Skin Mom scarfing my Aroma Paws Pad Cream for her feet, then sharing myAll Natural Repellent Spray?
"Products tested on people aka (human grade ingredients); The only problem with that is I have to keep an eye on Mom ever since I caught her using my Aroma Paws paw cream on her feet and Aroma Paws Natural Bug Repellant…what’s next my Wild Salmon Food Toppers for a little protein boost?"
Well here's the latest...

Three of the Utopian Dog Bowls we carry at
are going on a voyage to be used as non-slip, anti-bacterial feed dishes...for Humans!
Now don't bark me wrong , Mom thinks it's awesome that these bowls were chose from us to be part of such an awesome adventure!
as for me ...I bark better the bowls go than me!!

It's My Party!!

Guess Who Had A Birthday Party

The Big Four

and I got a few of my fav things...check out my Doggles Mom sez they're for my river trip and other long car rides, I think they are great for the morning after the Party!