Monday, January 9, 2012

A Dog Fancy Fav got me in trouble!!

I know where the coming in from doing my business outside treats are.
 I have known since I was a Pup. There are always good eats in there, but some
tempt me more than others.
 BOL one time when I was a young pup I opened the treat box lid myself in the middle of the night and was munching away but the folks woke up heard me and I got caught so they fixed the lid and now I can't just flip it open on my own  anymore, GOL!
2 treats in one
But sometimes trouble or not, I just can't resist so when Mom put Turkey and Cranberry Muttos in there,yep you heard me there's two flavors in one ...well I wait 'till she opens the box and then I stuff my whole head in like I haven't eaten in weeks! No wonder they are a Dog Fancy Favorite to pamper your pet.

Now the other thing that gets me in trouble is according to Mom actually a Hip and Joint Supplement and not really a treat.they are even carried in some Veterinarians offices. Well you could have fooled me!! Sea Jerky is sooo good I actually almost take mom's fingers off too!! Really I think there should be a warning label on them for humans, BOL