Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet The Brands

Mom said I am going to have to let my fur brother Rin blog today ...GOL!
He also has his own page on our website...Rin's Reviews!

See Mom sez there's more to treats then just being yummy for the tummy, personally I don't know what??BOL

She selects Brands that use natural and or organic ingredients with health benefits too. The companies that we work with also give back to animal causes, we think that's important.Many of our products have made Whole Dog Journal's favorite list! Fruitables is one of them!

Rin has this yummy to to bark about first...

Fruitables®. Love Life Together®

They use selected organic ingredients like Organic Oatmeal and Organic Molasses to drive natural flavor and efficacy in all of their products. All of their treats are baked in an Organic Certified bakery.

Pumpkin - one of Nature’s Superfoods that is rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, and E and an excellent source of dietary fiber is a primary ingredient. Discover the amazing health benefits from natural and organic superfoods. Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, and E…our fruits and vegetables are selected as much for their advanced nutritional benefits as their taste. Superfoods can help your dog live a healthier, fitter, and longer life.

Here's more from fruitables...

Our patent pending concept in advanced nutrition utilizes nature’s gifts of fruits and vegetables to balance palatability, calorie control, and satiety in foods that your pet will love. Our products are proven in university studies to reduce hunger between meals.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Treat is Worth a Thousand Barks

To our dogs, food is love – and security, affirmation, and reinforcement. When we give our dogs what trainers refer to as “high-value” treats – foods that are especially sweet, meaty, or pungent – our message gets through to them especially loud and clear.
It’s simply pointless to spend so much time and energy finding the best healthy foods for your dog if you are going to subvert your own efforts at health-building with low-quality, additive-filled garbage.

as written by Nancy Kern in Whole Dog Journal

Good Eats, Natural Dog Treats