Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Give Us A Bark

What's a dog gotta do to give away a FREE product ?

all I'm looking for is a comment!

First five get a freebie ...Hurry expires 7/10/2010!


  1. BOL, seems like we are the first one my friend :P, yeah us. Aesa is a bit sad, because her nice collar isn't fitting anymore, so mommy went and got her quick a new one. She says before she spend real big money on a collar, Aesa needs to grow a bit more BOL, but between me and you, Aesa has a crush on you Tay, but pssssssttttttttt don't tell her, that i told yu. BOL..have a great day, your friend Apollo

  2. oops just saw it already over BOL, silly me, read the date wrong, oh well BOL