Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOvin' my bamboo collar, Movies. and THE RIVER TRIP!

BOL Fellow canines!!

Long time no bark! I'm at Mom's mercy for blog time as she will not let me paw keys alone, GOL!

So First let me bark of Bamboo...just got a new Bamboo Pooch Collar made by Wagging Green, a canine cool company that helps out all kinds of pooch and planet causes! It is so comfy , antibacterial...not as much bling as my slider charm "Tay Czar" Collar but a comfy, functional fun fashionable look! Tara got one too, of course .Hers' is called Love A Dog !

I think Rin and Kayja may be next...really we don't wear collars much around here except to hold our benefit to country livin', big fenced in play areas and not being tied! But hey every now and then a dog's got to strut their neck wear!

Finally, I told you before we NEVER get to see movies 'till they're on Pay Per view...Mom is frugal(to bark it tactfully) when it comes to such things!
I got to see "Little Red Riding Hood" Pretty cool, kept us guessing.
I really thought it was going to be the "Better to eat you with" Grandma, BOL

Now...last but not least, the River rat trip! HOT HOT HOT unless you stayed in the water...lucky for me mom feeds us Sea Jerky ...cos don't tell anyone , but this rock diver swimming machine is feeling it a bit more lately!

....tying to help Mom pick some new products...give me a bark about what you want to see more of, toys, collar styles, treats???
Waggin off for now!

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